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Bottomley Distributing Company commenced operation in the middle of September 1965. Elmer(Red) Bottomley, who at the time was the General Manager for Morelia Distributing Company, purchased the business from the heirs of Mr. J. J. Morelia. Mr. Bottomley had to sell his car and mortgage his home to garner the compensation needed for a down payment on the equipment and the initial inventory of Hamms and Budweiser Beers.

Fortunately, our business grew and it became necessary to purchase new equipment and employ additional personnel.

In 1975 the company moved from our original 10,000 square foot warehouse on North 30th street in SJ, to a 30,000 square foot facility on Old Oakland Road, SJ, CA.  In February of 1982 we moved to our present location, a modern 97,000 square foot warehouse/office combination on 755 Yosemite Drive in Milpitas.

As a matter of basic policy, we recognize our customers are the very reason we are in business. It is our customers who provide the economic justification for our existence through their purchase of our products. Our products receive national support and an ever increasing consumer acceptance. Our continued success is directly related to the performance, appearance and enthusiasm of those associated with Bottomley Distributing Company.